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Tips and Tricks

The full documentation for sitescooper can be read online.

If you have a new document format you would like to see supported by sitescooper, try using the new -pipe command-line switch, which allows you to run any command you like as the conversion tool, instead of iSilo386, makedoc or whatever. More details here.

If you wish to run sitescooper on a scheduled basis on a Windows box, the built-in NT scheduling software (the AT command) apparently will not do the trick effectively. However, this thread provides some tips on which scheduling software to use.

Once you get the hang of it, writing sites is pretty easy. If you know a good website that's got decent, compelling content you'd like to read on your handheld, you might as well write a site file for it; more details on the contributing page.

There's a mailing list for discussion of sitescooper. To join (or to leave), enter your email address in the relevant section of the Sourceforge mailing list page. It's archived here.

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