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The PalmGear page for sitescooper allows people to write reviews -- and there's been quite a few (mostly positive of course ;) since it was set up. (BTW if you are one of the folks who wrote a review and gave sitescooper the thumbs-up -- many thanks!)

Sitescooper, in its previous snarfnews form, got a great write-up from NTK in their 1999-05-28 issue. Cheers! Unfortunately they also pointed out something I'd missed; the other SnarfNews, written by UNIX/security demigod Alec Muffett. That'll teach me to do a web search before coming up with a name...

Geeknews spotted it too, again, as snarfnews though, so when I ran across GeekNews while looking for new sites to support, I made sure to set them straight on the new name and the included file.

1999-06-03: Just spotted this one! Linux Weekly News gave us
a link from their Resources section here.

1999-11-06: NTK wrote it up again, this time covering the Installables page (and tossing in a spot of name-calling too ;)

1999-11-11: LWN gave this site a front-page link again, as well!
I think this is partly a result of the NTK link of 1999-11-06, and partly from LWN readers' requests for a Palm version. Cool.

1999-12-06: oops, missed Flutterby of Fri Nov 05 -- the word "awesome"
is used, which I consider great praise ;) I guess this means I really must start reading my scoops on a Saturday too. Also missed GeneHack covering it too, somehow.

1999-12-20: Thanks to David Desrosiers of the Plucker project,
sitescooper got a mention on ZDTV's Screen Savers segment.

2000-05-15: after several months of no reviews, spotted it,
with a brief "read on your Palm" tagline.

2000-05-23: With a little help from Alastair Rankine, daemonnews covered
sitescooper, with a brief summary of its strong points.

2000-10-16: NTK gave us another writeup in their href=>Oct 13 issue, noting that we're the *official* NTK ripper... but then noting "hey, stick us in your man page and you'd be official too". Drat, rumbled!

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