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Contributing to Sitescooper

There's a mailing list for discussion of sitescooper. To join (or to leave), enter your email address in the relevant section of the mailing list page. It's archived here.

Writing Sites

New site files are always welcome. Write them up, with the aid of the documentation, and post them to the list.

A great way to find site details that will be easy to support in Sitescooper, is to look for the "Palm version" of the desired site. Here's two ways to do this:

Using a "Palm Site Index" and PlinkIT! are two great portal sites for "Palm formatted" site renderings.

Using an AvantGo .subs File

Another handy way to do this is using the AvantGo .subs file, which is what the older version of AG uses to store site details in a similar way to the sitescooper site file.

Nowadays AG are using a new, server-side rendering system, so this is mostly obsolete. You may get lucky and find an up-to-date subs file though, so here's how to do it.

Search AltaVista using the keywords:

url:avantgo, or
link:.subs avantgo

Most of these have not yet been converted into site files, so if you would like to read those publications, convert them and mail them to me. I've written a quick perl script called which does a good job of converting an AvantGo .subs file into a sitescooper site file.

Writing Sites From Scratch

Writing a site from scratch is covered in the documentation, especially in Writing a Site File.

Getting Live Source via CVS

You may also want to take a look at the CVS details to get your own checked-out copy of the sitescooper development tree.

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