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Download Scoops

You can now download pre-generated scoops in Plucker, iSilo and DOC format (as installable PRC files), or (sometimes) in text or HTML format for preview. These are created nightly from the current set of sitescooper's .site files, which means you can use sitescooper without even downloading and installing it!

Some of the shipped site files are not included, either due to the copious amounts of output they produce, the fact that they require a registered user login to operate, or due to copyright restrictions.

Some sitescooper users have provided mechanisms to download the latest scoops from the site, as follows:

Stefan Schwingeler has provided the following batch files for Windows 95/98 or NT users (doscoop.bat, scoop.bat). These require aset.exe on Windows 95/98 systems.

And from Pierre-Yves LeTournel, here's a .GRX file for GetRight (sitescooper_GetRight.txt). This should work with the

trial version of GetRight.

Both of these will require a little editing to specify what sites you want, where you want them, etc.

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