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Apple, Pixar And Disney To Merge?

News | Posted by CmdrTaco on Monday July 10, @08:56AM
from the sources-less-reliable-than-slashdot- dept.
Master Bait sent in the freakiest merger rumor: Apple + Pixar + Disney, with Steve Jobs as the chairman... you can read more at the ever untrustworthy Drudge Report, so take this whole thing with a grain of salt the size of a Ford Taurus.

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The Editor-in-Chief of Slashdot...

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by arc.light on Monday July 10, @08:59AM EDT
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... calls the Drudge Report untrustworthy?

Now that's the pot calling the kettle black!

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Stories Like This are Crap

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by MyopicProwls on Monday July 10, @09:03AM EDT
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Look. A couple years ago Apple was in bad shape. There were bankruptsy rumors and takeover rumors. At the time, they were plausable. Barely.

Since then Apple has seen an amazing rebirth and return to amazing profitability. Even in the dark days this sort of crap was barely believable, but now days it is just absurd.

Why the hell would Disney want Apple? Disney I could see buying Pixar, but Apple? And why would Apple want Disney?

This just doesn't make any sense. I guess I'd chastize Slashdot for giving it enough credence to post at all.

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This one is always popping up ..

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by scrutty ( on Monday July 10, @09:03AM EDT
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Doubtless fuelled by the Jobs/Pixar Pixar Disney connection and the fact that the Pixar movies , well at least the toy stories represent some of Disneys biggest money spinners of recent years.

For example

Just feed Apple Disney merger into any search engine for many previous similar speculations, all equally uninformed ever since Jos took over the helm back at Apple.

I seem to recall slashdot fetaturing it before as well ... here it is

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Been there...done that

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by Wyatt Earp ( on Monday July 10, @09:07AM EDT
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From this morning...

"Reigniting old rumors which have surfaced several times in the past few years, the latest edition of The Drudge Report speculates on an impending merger announcement between Pixar, Apple, and Disney. We advise readers to be highly skeptical of this rumor; AppleInsider first published an article more than 18 months ago that also suggested a possible Apple/Disney merger was in the works."

This has popped up so many times, I laughed so hard when Drudge put this up there.

And compared to Drudge.../. is hella better. When was the last time "the President's Talking Penis" was a 72 point headline on /.?

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Disney Teaming up with Apple...

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by cswiii on Monday July 10, @09:13AM EDT
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...means a truly mouse-driven user experience.

/me dodges tomatoes.
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New Mice

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by grahamsz ( on Monday July 10, @09:17AM EDT
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Cupertino 06/10/00 - Apple today announced that they will be merging with Disney in order to obtain disney's mouse technology. Having proven their success with 'Mickey' for over nearly 80 years, Apple are keen to revamp disney's mouse in a variety of different translucent colours in a bid to entice consumers to think differently.
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by Phroggy ( on Monday July 10, @09:39AM EDT
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Now we can see apples in more movies. Why are all computers in movies apples?

Remember how everybody says the Macintosh has a niche market, and other than that they've got really low market share? Well, guess what that niche market is? That's right - graphics, music, sound, video, film, etc. etc. The people who make movies use Macs.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that Apple often gives computers to movie studios for use in movies. And sometimes they do cobranded marketing, like for Mission: Impossible.

Remember when Forrest Gump bought stock in a fruit company? Apple didn't call the movie studio and ask them to use their logo. The movie studio called Apple and asked for permission.

Something you might find interesting: Apple Masters.

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by Darchmare ( on Monday July 10, @10:17AM EDT
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Depends. The merger can't complete unless you can get Mickey to wear blue jeans and a black turtleneck sweater.

- Jeff A. Campbell
- VelociNews (
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